Revision August 09, 2016

This non-profit organization shall be known as the Mon Valley Ski Club, Inc.

This club shall have as its objectives the following:

  1. To foster recreational and competitive skiing and snowboarding activities.

  2. To promote and further interest in skiing and good fellowship.

The Membership shall be open to all persons who are active snow sport participants and be of the following classes:



The elected officers of the Mon Valley Ski Club shall consist of the following:

  1. President

  2. Vice Presidentt

  3. Recording Secretary

  4. Corresponding Secretary

  5. Treasurer and,

  6. Four Directors

Such Officers and Directors shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of the CLUB and shall serve for a term of one year and until their successors are duly qualified, elected and installed. Officers and Directors may be elected without regard to their previous terms of office.

The affairs and property of the Club shall be managed by the Board of Directors (hereinafter referred to as the BOARD) which shall consist of the elected OFFICERS and DIRECTORS. The immediate past President shall automatically become in addition to four (4) elected Directors for the period of one year for the purpose of continuity in management, unless the current Vice-President is re-elected. The Board of Directors shall meet and function as hereinafter set forth in the constitution and by-laws.

Committees shall be created by the PRESIDENT with the approval of the BOARD. Committee chairs shall be appointed by the PRESIDENT with the approval of the BOARD.Committee chairs shall choose other members to serve on their committee.

The CLUB shall hold an annual meeting during the month of April of each year at which time OFFICERS and DIRECTORS shall be elected for the ensuing year, and reports may be presented for approval of the MEMBERSHIP. The place, time and date of the annual meeting shall be determined by the BOARD, and notice of same shall be published on the CLUB WEBSITE at least ten days in advance. All other meetings shall be held as determined by the BOARD. A special meeting of the CLUB shall be held upon the written request of any three members of the BOARD or of any ten members of the CLUB. Twenty percent of the MEMBERS shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of conducting business at a meeting, and 2/3 of the membership of the Board will constitute a quorum for the purpose of conducting business at a Board Meeting.


  1. The CLUB shall not be responsible for any injuries sustained by any MEMBER or Guest incurred during a CLUB-sponsored trip, event, or activity.

  2. The CLUB shall not be responsible for any personal loss and/or damage sustained by any MEMBER or Guest incurred during a CLUB-sponsored trip, event, or activity.

  3. The CLUB shall not be responsible for any debt incurred by any MEMBER without the specific authorization of the BOARD.

  4. The CLUB shall not borrow, operate, rent, or lease any property or equipment, motor-driven or otherwise, for which the owner of such does not carry liability insurance to cover both the owner and the CLUB.


  1. Any MEMBER may propose an amendment to the BYLAWS and/or CONSTITUTION by submitting same to the BOARD at a BOARD meeting.

  2. Amendments shall be presented only once during a term of office unless a majority of the Board of Directors deems it necessary to present the amendment more than once during their term of office.

  3. Amendments to the CONSTITUTION and BYLAWS require a two-thirds affirmative vote of active MEMBERS present and voting at a general membership meeting, providing they constitute a quorum.

  4. Notice of a proposed amendment shall be published on the CLUB WEB-SITE at least one week prior to the meeting at which such amendment shall be discussed. The proposed amendment shall be voted upon at the following general meeting.

MEMBERS may vote on appropriately presented motions and elect OFFICERS and DIRECTORS of the CLUB. All MEMBERS are eligible to participate in discussion and debate concerning CLUB matters during business proceedings. All matters voted upon shall be decided by a majority vote except those matters requiring a two-thirds vote. The PRESIDENT may vote to make or break a tie when the vote is by ballot or roll call. The PRESIDENT is entitled to vote or abstain, but cannot vote twice.


1)  Membership Year: The Membership Year shall be from September 1st through August 31st.
2)  Maximum Membership:
     1.  The total membership shall be determined by the BOARD from year to year.
3)  Dues and Fees
     1.  The annual dues are currently forty dollars ($40.00) per year. Dues are required to be paid no later than January 31st of the membership year. Failure to pay dues by that date shall constitute a lack of interest in membership and shall constitute automatic expulsion.
4)  Membership is open.
5)  Members of the Club are expected to abide by the terms of the Constitution and By-Laws, and failure to do so shall be cause for expulsion from the Club.
6  Shall be twenty-one years of age or older.
7)  Members are expected to attend at least one General Membership Meeting and work at least one Club Event in each Membership year unless excused by the Board.
8)  Applicants for Membership may be voted to Membership by the Board.
9)  Honored Members shall have at least 15 years of active service to the Club, shall have served as an Officer, a Director or a Committee Chair, or have contributed exemplary dedication to the Club as determined by the Board after application by the Member.
10)  Such Member shall make application to the Board for approval to this status, and if approved shall be excused from meeting and event requirements. Such Member shall continue to receive all Club correspondence, retain the right to attend all Club functions, and shall pay Annual Dues and Membership Fees at ALL Events.
11)  Active and Honored Members may hold office, vote in election and vote on motions.
12)  Honored Members shall retain all privileges of Active Members.
13)  The Board may by majority vote expel any Member from the Club for failure to abide by the Constitution and By-Laws. Any Member so removed must reapply and re qualify for Membership if they so desire.
14)  Member may withdraw from the Club by notifying the Board in writing.
15)  Any Member that the Board decides to expel, shall have the following rights. They shall be entitled to a written charge to be delivered to them at least two weeks prior to the next General Membership Meeting. They shall be given an opportunity to answer the charge at the following Board Meeting. If they fail to answer the charge, they shall be expelled from the Club. If they answer the charge, the Board shall hear their response and then vote by majority vote to either expel or retain the Member. If the Member is expelled, the Membership of the Club shall be notified by announcement at the next General Meeting.
a. Any Member automatically expelled due to failure to pay dues may upon payment of the dues in arrears, be reinstated by majority vote of the Board.
16. Any Member who otherwise owes money or property to the Club shall not be able to renew their Membership until the debt is satisfied or the property is returned.

1)  Election of Governing Bodies
          1.  The Annual Election of Officers shall take place during the month of April at the Annual Meeting.
          2. The President may appoint a Nominating Committee to determine interest in being Candidates for Office on the part of Active Members of the Club.
          3. The President shall appoint an Election Committee which shall conduct the Annual Election.
2)  Conduct of the Election
          1.  If a Nominating Committee has been appointed, the chair shall present the nominees in the form of a slate. Additional nominations may be made by  members.
                   1.  Elections shall be by secret ballot.
                   2.  Nominations for each office shall be done in the order cited in the Constitution, followed by election for that office with the results to then be announced prior to the next office election.
                   3.  All elected Officers shall assume their duties June 1 following their election.
                   4.   The Board may call for a Special Election in the event that it is deemed necessary as a result of the loss of Members of the Board.

1)  President
          1. The PRESIDENT shall preside at General Membership Meetings; decide the time and place of ALLl Board-approved Meetings; appoint committee chairs and serve as Ex Officio of all committees; and be admitted to all Club social functions free of charge.
2)  Vice President
    1    To assume duties of the President in their absence.
    2    To serve as representative to WPSC,
    3    To serve as Membership Chair and to keep an up-to-date Membership Roster, and provide a current copy of the roster to all Board members at the Board meetings.
3)  Treasurer
    1    To collect all fees the day they are received.
    2    To keep accurate financial records.
    3    To give written and oral report financial status at the General Membership Meeting each month, as well as at all Board Meetings.
    4    To sign all checks.
    5    To deposit all money received into the Club’s designated checking account.
    6    To keep accurate financial records of individual committees.
    7    To secure and file complete and proper vouchers for all expenditures.
    8    To maintain a Petty Cash Fund if requested to do so by the board.
    9    To give an itemized report on the financial status at the Annual Meeting.
    10    File any and all necessary Federal, State, and Local tax returns and reports in order to maintain the Club’s non-profit, tax-exempt status.
4)  Recording Secretary
    1    To take minutes of General Membership and Board of Directors Meetings.
    2    To read minutes of the previous meeting.
    3    To keep an up-to-date Membership Roster.
5)  Corresponding Secretary
    1    To handle all Club Business Communications.
    2    To read communications, directed to the Club at Board and General Membership Meetings.
    3    Maintain the Club’s Website; and assist in maintaining the up-to-date roster.

The function of the Board of Directors shall be to direct the operation of the Club on a year-to-year basis. Two-thirds (2/3) of the Members of the Board must be present to transact business and to constitute a quorum.


  1. May expel Members consistent with the Constitution.

  2. Declare inactive membership and provide proper notification of all such declarations.

  3. Call Special Elections when deemed necessary.

  4. Institute special fees.

  5. Conduct club business.

  6. Make decisions on all matters except those that are otherwise designated in the Constitution and By-Laws.

  7. Pass on the eligibility of applicants for Membership.

  8. Develop proposed amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws and present same to the Club for voting; audit the Club’s books if the Board deems it necessary.

  9. Expenditures not exceeding five hundred ($ 500.00) dollars may be approved by the Board.

  10. Expenditures exceeding five hundred ($500.00) dollars must be approved by a majority of the Club members present at a General Membership Meeting.


1)  General Membership Meetings shall be conducted during the months of September thru April of each year, at the discretion of the BOARD.
2)  The Board shall also meet once a month during those months so designated.
1)  Order of Business:
a)  Call the meeting to order.
b)  Read the minutes of the previous meeting.
c)  Read the necessary communications.
d) Have the OFFICERS provide their reports;
e)  Have all relevant committee chairs provide their reports.
f)  Cover old business.
g)  Cover new business.
h)  Present any BOARD-approved guest speakers or program presenters.
i)  Adjourn the meeting.

The fiscal year shall be from June 1st to May 31st of the following year.

All Committees shall be active from June 1 and shall serve for one year. Any Club Member may attend Committee Meetings, but shall have no vote or voice in decision making. The standing Committees and their duties are as follows;
1)  Membership Committee
          1. Shall forward all written applications for Membership to the Board for consideration; keep an up-to-date Membership roster as well as the current list of all applicants for Membership; collect all dues and keep an accurate record of the payment of dues and provide same to the Board at each meeting; keep an accurate record of attendance at all meetings; and keep an accurate record of Members working at Club events, and forward all monies and/or payment received to the Treasurer.
2)  Social Committee
          1.  Shall plan and organize all social activities sponsored by the Club.
          2.  Recommend policies regarding conduct at social activities
          3.   Assist the CORRESPONDING SECRETARY in the preparation of all Communications necessary for publication to the Membership through the Club’s Website.
          4.   The Social Chair shall keep an accurate record of Members working at the Club Events.
3)  Race Committee
          1.  Race Committee shall plan for CLUB sanctioned competitions
          2.  Recommend policies relating to safe competition.
          3.  Assist the Corresponding Secretary in the preparation of all Communications necessary for Publication to the Membership thru the CLUB'S WEB-SITE.
4)  Trip Committee
          1.  Shall plan and organize all ski trips sponsored by the CLUB.
          2.  Recommend policies relating to safe trip conduct, and assist the Corresponding Secretary in the preparation of all Communications necessary for Publication to the Membership thru the CLUB’S WEB-SITE.
5) Recruitment and Retention of Membership Committee.


  1. Club sponsored ski trips are open to all Members.

  2. The trip Chair or a Member appointed will make the Club Trip arrangements.


  1. E-mail updates shall be issued monthly during the months of October through April and when necessary.


  1. The By-Laws may be amended in such manner as set forth in Article IX of the Constitution.