• Chairperson(s) of any event MUST submit a WRITTEN PRE-EVENT REPORT and an ORAL PRE-EVENT REPORT for Board approval at least 2 months prior to the Event.
  • Members who register for any Event, yet fail to attend, MUST pay full price of admission to said event. Waiver of Payment may be made at the discretion of the Event Chairman AND the Social Chairperson.
  • All Guests (NON-MEMBERS) will pay ten ($10.00) dollars above cost of membership price of Admission, UNLESS WAIVED BY THE BOARD.
  • CHAIRPERSON(S) of any event MUST submit a WRITTEN POST-EVENT REPORT to the SOCIAL CHAIRPERSON and TREASURER within one (1) month of chaired Event.
  • MVSC does NOT provide alcoholic beverages to attendees at any of their Events inconsistent with the Policy contained hereinafter:  (a.) If the MVSC Event is held at a Liquor Licensed and Insured Establishment then Alcoholic beverages will only be available through the Liquor Licensed and Insured Establishment that separately provides same; or (b.) If the event is at a Non-Licensed Establishment or Location, then only by a Certified Bartender who will serve consistent with Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Requirements.
  • All Attendees at ALL Membership Meetings, Members and Guests, are advised that the Club provides each attendee with two (2) slices of Pizza.  The Club President will, at their discretion, permit more Pizza to attendees.  If so, an announcement will be made at the Meeting.